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Small Businesses Need Your Help!

COVID 19 has completely transformed the way we shop as local businesses continue to struggle to survive this pandemic. Having been around for over a decade, it truly breaks our heart to see so many of our friends having to permanently close up shop. With no near end to COVID in sight, we can only think that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Local businesses have always served their beloved guests, providing a comforting and intimate environment for customers to shop. They’re always there for some retail therapy after a long day at work and serve as a place to socialize with the community.

The relationship between customers and those that work in independent businesses often goes beyond just purchases. It becomes familial - when you don’t know what to get your wife or kids for Christmas, the 1st place you’re headed is the friendly shop located downtown. These shop owners have been through it all with you and know

exactly what you like and dislike. 

Through these uncertain times, there is one thing that is clear - we need to continue to support our local businesses and shop small if we want to keep the local community alive.

Here at Sweetest Sin Boutique, we are so thankful to have such a loving and loyal community support us through this pandemic. We hope to continue to be able to serve our precious guests for many more years to come.

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