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With Thanksgiving around the corner, there is a list in our head of all the things we’re thankful for: food, shelter, friends, family… But this year, us women should add one more thing to the list. We should be thankful for the bras that fight for our right to run, to dance, to be comfortable, to feel sexy, and to be empowered. We should be thankful for the new bras that come out seasonally, still keeping it flirty, still keeping it supportive, still making women feel amazing no matter their body. This season, Sweetest Sin Boutique brings their guests new and exciting bras, each one coming with her own spunky personality.

Cosabella Regular Curvy Bralette is anything but regular. She still has her staple yummy lace, but is now built for bigger breasts with smaller waists. But that’s not all. She comes WITHOUT wire! Women ranging from 28DD to 40H now have their go-to bralette. She is the feminist bralette. Hot as hell and loyal through and through

Then comes her sisters. Cosabella Curvy Racerback Bralette can be pulled over your head. Bye-bye to clipping your bra in the front and trying to twist it around your body to the back. She has comfortable straps that don’t dig into your shoulders, but rather lay across them covered in (as to be expected) her signature lace. She also has a plunging v-neckline, just a little touch of sass to make you feel cute. Meanwhile, the third sister, Cosabella Curvy Plungie, is just like her name! Her plunge, however, does not make her any less supportive. She has adjustable and wider straps for extra comfort. The dynamic trio (a.k.a.the Cosabella Sisters) are a force to be reckoned with.

The next hot commodity is the Cake Rock Candy Nursing Bra. This bra is meant for expecting mothers everywhere; she’s soft and shapely thanks to her foam cups, and has maximum lift and support. But here’s where it gets interesting. She will grow with you, change with you. When you’re sad, she’s sad. When you’re happy, she’s happy. If you want to eat a whole jar of Nutella and cry about it, she will too. This nursing bra will change with you to accommodate your breast change throughout the whole pregnancy and even post pregnancy, ranging in 32B to 42F.

But now it’s time to talk about the “angel” of the group. After all, the word “halo” is in the name. Wacoal Halo Lace Strapless Bra is a miracle gift. Her underwire isn’t pointy; rather, she fits comfortably, giving you the ability to wear that strapless dress to your best friend’s wedding or that holiday party with confidence, knowing both you and your girls look amazing. She is a renaissance woman, converting into traditional, crisscross, one-shoulder, or halter styles. You ask, and she provides. She is your Wonder Woman bra, ranging in sizes 32B to 40DDD.

But Wacoal isn’t the only bra meant for a good time. Chantelle Festivite’s plunge makes her seductive. And the lace lays flat so you can wear this yummy bra under any outfit or neckline, so you can feel beautiful and confident even in a plain t-shirt. She ranges from 30D to a 38B.

Empreinte Cassiopee shapes women no matter how big your breasts are while keeping the lingerie elegant and classy. She’s an old-timer, always reliable. Wise beyond her years. She knows what you want before you even know what you want, ranging from C to G cups

Prima Donna Couture Full Cup Wire Bra is a triple threat: stylish, sweet, and supportive. She has the lace, she has the cup, she has the slight dip ending in a little bow. What more can you ask for? With matching panties, Prima Donna is a knockout ranging in sizes B to 48J.

Finally, we have reached the queen: Elomi Matilda. She is the face of womanhood. She is big; she is bold; she is ready for all eyes to be on her. She has this magical ability to create a plunging neckline without any pushup! She also has a racerback adjustment in case you need that little extra support while you strut down the runway (a.k.a. your walk from your bedroom to the bathroom) with her. She ranges from 32DD to 46JJ.

So what are we thankful for, ladies? This dynamic group of bras. These bras that makes us women feel beautiful, feel empowered, feel like we can conquer the world. They give us the support we need to conquer the day, whether that day means open-heart surgery or getting out of bed once to pee, they are there to be your cheerleader.

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