• angela0322


With Thanksgiving around the corner, there is a list in our head of all the things we’re thankful for: food, shelter, friends, family… But this year, us women should add one more thing to the list. We should be thankful for the bras that fight for our right to run, to dance, to be comfortable, to feel sexy, and to be empowered. We should be thankful for the new bras that come out seasonally, still keeping it flirty, still keeping it supportive, still making women feel amazing no matter their body. This season, Sweetest Sin Boutique brings their guests new and exciting bras, each one coming with her own spunky personality.

Cosabella Regular Curvy Bralette is anything but regular. She still has her staple yummy lace, but is now built for bigger breasts with smaller waists. But that’s not all. She comes WITHOUT wire! Women ranging from 28DD to 40H now have their go-to bralette. She is the feminist bralette. Hot as hell and loyal through and through