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The T-shirt bra is the underrated goddess of bras. She is the on-the-go support every girl, no matter the age, has been trying to find. One of our most popular T-shirt bras in Sweetest Sin is the Marie Jo Tom. She’s classic with a bit of flare. The circle straps give you that moment of, “Wait, why is my everyday bra so cute?” Women coming into Sweetest Sin Boutique specifically ask for Marie Jo Tom, and love to show off their straps. This bra supports sizes A to F.

Then comes Chantelle C Magnifique. Translation? Chantelle is magnificent (for girls wearing C to I cups).

As for Empreinte’s Melody bra, she has two goals: sexy and unseen. Although the lace is yummy and you’re dying to show it off, the lace does not show through your shirt. It is smooth and seamless in all sizes, with a thick strap for extra comfort and support, ranging from C to H.

Finally, we meet Wacoal How Perfect Wire Free. (And yes, wire free can offer you support.) She is simple but functional. She’s your bra you throw on when you need to go grocery shopping, rooting you on as you spend your last paycheck on potato chips and ice cream. She helps girls ranging from A to triple D.

T-shirt bras are meant for everyone. Every woman should feel confident in her everyday bra, whether it’s a nude, a black, or a hot pink. They are a girl’s new best friend. Ba-bye, diamonds. ~ by Emma Niro

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