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Sports Bras

We are already halfway through January - and we would love to know how are your fitness goals are going!? Sweetest Sin Boutique is here to support you with all of your New Year resolutions


Movement in your day to day life is so important, no matter what it looks like, whether it's long walks, strength training, pilates, running, or yoga!


With any of these activities, or however you're moving your body this year, it's important to ensure that you're wearing the best bra to give you support and comfort - making your times of movement the most enjoyable and comfortable!


If you've been wearing a normal or unsupportive bra for your activities, read through and learn how you can better support yourself with a properly fitted sports bra!

Sports Bras provide necessary support for any movement that's outside the norm - you're moving your body in different directions, there's a slightly higher impact, etc. Therefore, there's more opportunity for your girls to bounce around, move, or slip out of your everyday wear bra.


When you're shopping around, you'll see that sports bras come with many different labels & types that can be confusing! Let’s provide clarity



Sports Bras are categorized as high, medium or low impact. The type of sports bra you buy depends on the type of activity you plan on doing.


🤍 Low impact sports bras are best for walking and yoga. This is also the type of sports bra you should get if you plan on wearing your sports bra as an everyday bra.


🤍 Medium impact sports bras are perfect for elliptical trainer, power

walking, road cycling, dancing, hiking, skiing, gym workouts and spinning!


🤍 High impact sports bras are great for faster paced (and bouncy) activities like jogging, running and all cardio.

Sport bras offer different types of support as well! Let's look at the differences...


🤍 Compression Sports Bras. These bras press the breasts against your body for secure support. This style will prevent your breasts from bouncing. 


🤍 Encapsulation Sports Bras. They have individual cups that hold each breast in place separately. 

Call us to pre order the newest sports bra we are adding to our collection 💗


A few details...

💗 modern v-shaped neckline

💗smooth microfibre

💗moulded inner cups for a seamless, smooth, and comfortable fit against the skin

💗wicking treatment for moisture control


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Scroll below to view some of our favorite sports bras! We offer these both in store and online.


Of course, come in and get fitted so we can ensure that the bra will provide the exact support that you need to fulfill your 2024 fitness and movement goals!


Make an impact at the yoga studio with this underwire

sports bra. Microfiber knit has ventilated center panel for breathability.

Adjustable straps convert to …



Take your performance to the limit in this wireless

sports bra with shaping contour cups. Full coverage ensures

that you get the best support and containment. …



Be fully present in your workout with the control and comfort that this

highly breathable bounce-reducing sports bra offers.

Made of polyester, polyamide and …



The firm, encapsulated construction of this bra minimizes movement and ensures maximum support and security. You can also reconfigure its effortlessly …



Kick up the activity level with the Sonic Moulded Sports Bra, offering complete freedom of movement with the confidence to match. The must-have sports bra in …


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