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All about Empreinte!

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

We wanted to have a little Mid-July spotlight on one of our most loved brands - Empreinte!

Summer has started out a little cooler, but now we are on track for warm and sunny days, which means we are in need of bras and panties that are comfortable, seamless, and breathable!
Empreinte's Founding & Details
A French brand since 1946, Empreinte creates high-end lingerie and swimwear, from C to H cups. By reinventing the codes of generous beauty, the brand puts its know-how at the service of unequalled aestheticism and comfort; Empreinte changes women's lives in a lasting way.

True to its original mission, Empreinte liberates confidence and reconciles women with their bodies by combining unique support and French elegance.
Why we LOVE Empreinte

Comfort, support and a great figure; this is the magical hat-trick that is summed up in one tiny word: FIT. The Empreinte FIT is instantly recognizable. It’s their signature. This unique and superior fit puts women in touch with their bodies, banishes self-consciousness, builds confidence and liberates their seductive side. A good fit which creates a sense of well-being is essential for women who wear a C cup and over.

Their DNA is made up of 3 Key Ingredients
🤍 Comfort
🤍 Support
🤍 Incredible Fit
Why YOU should love Empreinte
They design their products to "model" women's bodies with respect and generosity. The high standards and care they apply to the products are a source of well-being, confidence and freedom.

We believe their high-end products and worth every cent - since 1946, the high standards and care brought to their products have been a source of well-being, confidence and freedom. The soft, breathable, and comfortable fabrics they use provide a seamless look that's unmatchable.

These are bras that you'll never want (or really need) to replace. Having an Empreinte for a basic bra elevates your daily look and comfort.
Our Favorite Empreinte Sets
Here are the classics that we have in our store and online that we believe everyone should
treat themselves!

This seamless Cassiopée bra is a must-have item which enhances all breast shapes with cups that are invisible under all outfits. This underwired bra offers perfect support for up to size G-cup, thanks to its expert design. Coming in multiple colors: Lichen, Emerald, Papaya, and Fusion, we have to admit, we could fill our bra closet with these beauties 😍

Pairing well with the bra above, these thongs come in even more colors and radiate sexiness and of course, comfortability. The lacy pattern and the button detail make this thong a much needed basic with a touch of luxury - who doesn't love a classy comfortable look!

Empreinte's newest collection, Allure, is the closest you will get to a custom fit bra. The 'Maison Sophie Hallette', an international authority on the art of lace making, has created a very beautiful Leavers lace which Empreinte is showcasing on its invisible lingerie. Over three years, the two companies have worked closely together to achieve this technological feat. Now, the rares and most precious lace made on the two-hundred-year-old loom is enhancing Empreinte's range of invisible lingerie offering unique comfort and aesthetics. Allure showcases the splendid combination of two areas in French expertise in honour of women who love exceptional lingerie. An elegant item of lingerie available in the Almond colourway - a hue which is perfect for everyday wear.

Of course, another panty to match the bra above. Need we say more than what was already said?
A Few More Faves!
We can't help ourselves (and we know you can't either 😉)






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